Julie A. Guido, MSW, LCSW
117 W. Gay St., #130 West Chester, PA

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Who Am I

I am a passionate advocate for mental wellness in any and all of it's forms, to include emotional, physical, and spiritual. My experience-rich journey has taught me to use eclectic tools to work with individuals that come to me for help. I embrace the challenge that people come into my office with, evaluate options for therapeutic techniques, then will do whatever I can to help people to help themselves through psychoeducation, compassion, empathy and simple and understandable tasks to do beyond the office visit in order to keep the learning moving forward.

I believe that each person can change and work toward their best self. Sometimes we just need a little push to find the motivation that's been hidden under the regular stressors of life. Sometimes family-of-origin issues pop back up when least expected and require closure. My job is to help jar loose what you may not even realize is keeping you stuck, lacking energy and strength to feel alive again and find gratitude.

Why Choose Me

If you are looking for help with anxiety  in your life and feel symptoms that include feeling overwhelmed, irritable, restless, forgetful, have excessive thoughts, sleeplessness, fear, dread, compulsions and/or depression, I am a seasoned clinician who will work to find what combination of therapies will work for you or your child.
I believe that every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.